What are The Best Leagues in Path Of Exile?

Since the release of Path of Exile, it has been loved by many players. This is mainly due to the continuous update and supplement of the game. Most of these added content appears in the form of leagues. Therefore, there have been many leagues in the history of the Path of Exile. Today, we will mainly look at the best leagues in the Path of Exile.



Delve league introduced an infinite procedurally-generated dungeon that players could explore. Delve will be available in both Standard and Hardcore Leagues.

The “story” behind the Delve takes players into the Azurite Mine, courtesy of Niko the Mad. Using a Crawler that keeps the harmful darkness at bay, players will venture into the mine and fight off numerous enemies. Bosses and different biomes await, while you can also use items like dynamite and flares to travel off the beaten path for a short time.

The further you went, the more dangerous it became. With more danger comes more loot, and Delve sure showered players with valuable items. New crafting items were also included that added a degree of intentionality to crafting that no league has since matched. How far players can progress will ultimately depend on their builds due to the infinitely scaling nature of the dungeon. With 40 new challenges and new rewards to earn upon their completion, there’s plenty of reason to hop back into the Path of Exile. After a few balance changes post-launch, Delve is easily the best league Path of Exile has ever seen.



Every league introduced since Breach has tried to replicate its success. For many, Breach is the quintessential Path of Exile league that all future leagues should iterate upon.

Breach league is one of the simplest leagues Grinding Gear Games has made, but that simplicity doesn’t lessen the sheer fun-factor of the mechanic. In essence, players open breaches to a demonic realm and must slay as many breach monsters as possible to keep the portal expanding. The more kills you rack up, the wider the Breaches will expand, but they’ll only be open 30-60 seconds, so you have to kill enemies as fast as possible to explore the entirety of each Breach. There will be five different Breaches you can encounter. Fire, ice, physical, chaos, and lightning Breaches are the types you can encounter, and each has its own items, bosses, and monsters that you can take on.

These monsters drop tons of currency and unique Splinters that can be combined to craft Breachstones, unique Maps that have the player fight a certain boss for new Unique items.

The Breach update also adds cloaks, a cosmetic item that can be obtained in the two new Supporter Packs available now.

It had a great mechanic, impactful Uniques, and demonstrated how beneficial metagame systems can be to the retention rate of a league.



The Harbinger Challenge League augments the new content with challenging encounters and new rewards. Challenge leagues have self-contained economies and provide an opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start and demonstrate your mastery of the Path of Exile.

This League centers on the new Harbingers. These new enemies empower and command other mobs, making zones with Harbingers far more dangerous for players to traverse. The Harbingers will have unique buffs that they grant to enemies as well. Harbingers cannot be damaged directly, killing its summoned mobs is a key to defeating a Harbinger.

But fighting hordes of summoned and buffed mobs for the pure challenge isn’t the only reason to take down these dangerous foes. Upon death, Harbingers drop shards that can be combined to create new Uniques and even Currency items.

This league incredible was both its introduction of the excellent Breachhead map and new currency items. The new currency types allowed players to reroll maps to the same tier, one tier up, or reroll Uniques into another item from the same base.

New Currency items arent the only thing determined this time around. A whole heap of new Labyrinth effects from Dark Shrines, as well as general map mods, have been uncovered.



The last league before patch 3.0 released for Path of Exile was the Legacy league. Every league beforehand was rolled up into one mechanic, acting as a celebration of how far the game has evolved.

Leaguestones were the backbone of this league, forcing certain league mechanics to spawn in your next zone. Up to three could be used at a time, allowing for some truly insane mechanic combinations. Using Leaguestones was somewhat clunky and the length of this league was longer than most, but fans couldn’t get enough of the pure carnage this league offered.

In the Legacy League, the inclusion of pre-nerf legacy items players could find in Reliquary Treasure Chests was the icing on this amazing cake.

In this league: completing 12 challenges will yield the Legacy Footprints Effect, completing 24 will reward the Legacy Weapon Effect and at 36 challenges completed, players will be rewarded the Legacy Portal Effect. There’s also the totem rewards for every 3rd consecutive challenge completion after 19 have been completed.

Legacy League will be adding 10 new Jewels, 16 new Uniques, one unique Strongbox and 6 new Rogue exiles.



One of Path of Exile’s most recent additions, Metamorph league brings with it an enhanced focus on endgame bosses.

Organs could be harvested from certain enemies in zones when slain, which could be combined to make a terrifying Metamorph boss. Each organ added new attacks and modifiers to the boss, but it also forced the Metamorph to drop certain items like Essences or Scarabs.

A new drop type, Catalysts, was also added in this league. These allow you to add Quality to your rings and amulets, which can affect their stats as well. This is the only way to quality these items currently.

While this league might be lacking layered meta-progression or game-changing Uniques, the core mechanic is just as fun as most of the Path of Exile’s best leagues.

The above five leagues are the best in Path of Exile, you can try them in the game. In addition, click here to see more of the PoE guides and buy PoE currency cheap, including the latest leagues’ PoE delirium currency, which can help you save a lot of time and money.

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